Great ways to detox your mind

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

  • Rule: The more we think about something, the more of that something we receive.

  • Rule: The more energy we give to something, the more powerful it becomes.

  • Rule: The more we want something, the more we prioritize it and the more worth it has.

So what do you think about? What do you put energy into? What do you want out of life? Those questions are things we should ask ourselves regularly. Heavy? Yes, but it is the first step in decluttering and detoxing your mind. We often let the everyday nonsense take precedence leaving us with little to no room to think about what really matters.

Below are some practices you can implement to help declutter and detoxify your mind.

1) Make Action Lists: To do list; Honey do list; Grocery list; chores list; a list of the bills and due dates, etc. By making lists we free ourselves from having to remember everything. (I am going to admit here that I am not a "list person" - it is to my own demise. I must become more of a list person).

2) Make a Worry List: Write down what bothers you and pet peeves you come across during your day, write down what you fear - in general and throughout the day. By practicing this you allow yourself the opportunity to put aside things that may upset or anger you in the moment. That feeling was able to be put aside and "released" for that moment. You acknowledged a fear you have and gave it words. Those are both powerful tools for release. You allowed yourself to be able to go back and visit those moments at a time you are not emotional about it and you can rationalize and make a plan to work through these worries.

3) Free Writing: Get yourself a notebook and a nice writing tool. Did you ever say "wow, this is a great pen, it writes so nicely". Get one of those. The nicer the tool writes the more you will WANT to utilize it. There is nothing quite like a smooth writing pen that leaves perfect lines without bleeding or smearing; especially for our Lefties out there, am I right?

4) Let go of the past. Okay, I know this is easier said than done. We are all haunted by memories. We all have random memories past sneak up on us at any given moment, randomly. The thing is, we can't just erase memories, they are there for all time. What I mean by "let go of the past" is to FORGIVE the past and do not allow it to have power over you any longer. It takes practice, patience and effort.

5) Stop Juggling. Stop trying to do too much. Don't over promise things to yourself or to others. A very wise woman (if you're reading this, you know who you are) told me It's absolutely okay to say 'No, thank you'. I now pass this message on to you. IT IS OKAY TO SAY 'NO, THANK YOU'. Example:

Person A: "Would you be able to make 24-dozen cookies for the student bake sale?"

YOU: "No. Thank you for thinking of me."

6) Declutter your space! Declutter your house, your car, your shed/garage, or if you only have a bedroom that is yours - Declutter and organize that space. The more clutter we have in our physical surroundings, the more clutter we have in our minds and the more out of control we feel.

7) Limiting TOXICITY in all forms. This includes limiting the amount of NEWS you read or watch to limiting the amount of time spent with that toxic friend that seems to unknowingly suck your energy. Limiting the amount of junk food ingested and limiting the amount of time we stay sedentary.

8) Reduce exposure to sensory overload. When we feel stressed and overwhelmed it is easy for our senses to overload with stimuli. Things that can help with this? Well, for one get out of the situation you are in, if possible. If that is not a possibility, ear plugs or noise reduction/cancelation headphones, eye covers, weighted blankets, and even nose plugs will help with sensory overload. You may experience all of these either all at once (WHOA!) or more commonly one or two at a time.

Typically, for me it is my sense of hearing that goes wonky. Everything is super loud, my ears have this sound like a faint distant machine gun going off, a popping sensation or a feeling of being plugged when they are not. I rarely get any other sensory overload, but I do experience ocular halo's every so often that are sometimes accompanied by a migraine. I use good noise reduction headphones and blindfold if needed.

9) Decide to decide. When we let those things that we need to figure out what to do with pile up, the list grows and grows until we get overwhelmed to the point we can't even decide on what to have for dinner. We have ALL BEEN THERE. If you are a natural over thinker, over analyzer, overly cautious, etc. type of person, you can practice being more decisive by creating Pro and Con lists, mind mapping, even talking to yourself in a mirror.

Last, but not least:

10) CREATE ROUTINES. Morning routines, lunch-time routines, after-dinner routines and bedtime routines can take a lot of the thinking out of your days. Routines become automatic. When you are first establishing these health(ier) routines you may feel a bit of challenge. I suggest starting with one at a time. If you don't already have a healthy bedtime routine or need to make your routine a little healthier start with this one. The morning routine would be next on the list. It's like turning the lights off for sleep and on to wake.

Do you already practice any of these strategies? If not, what would you like to start implementing? Is your strategy not listed? Do you believe your strategy will help others? Please feel free to share what you do to help detox your mind.

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