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The Place for Pain Management and Reduction with a Holistic and Alternative Approach

Remedial Stress and Pain Management 
We provide a custom experience to help each individual with stress and pain management.  



A customized experience is necessary to reduce stress/tension and pain management, as everybody holds these pain/stress patterns differently.  No two bodies are the same, and the body you presented with last week is not the same body you present with today. 

Techniques used in sessions can consist of: Swedish, circulatory, lymphatic drainage, neuromuscular, trigger point, deep tissue, sports, and more. A combination of these modalities may be used in your session to achieve the most effective results. 


In addition to massage therapy, Life coaching and Peer support are also offered.  Kelly is a Certified Life Coach and Peer Support Specialist.  She is also currently enrolled in working toward her Masters in clinical psychology. Coaching and Peer Support are not mental health counseling, nor should they be used in place of mental health counseling. 


Kelly is available to meet one-on-one or with groups to create a space of mutuality to talk about what may be holding you back and develop a plan to help get you "unstuck" and moving forward in your life.  

Whether you are struggling with personal hardships, conflict in your interpersonal relationships, health and wellness, financial stressors, grief & loss, or anything else that may be a stressor for you, she can be here for active support as you go through these challenging times. Meetings can take place at the office; at a coffee shop; at the beach, the gym, or the library; or even taking a walk.  Where ever you are most comfortable.


As noted above, coaching and peer support are not mental health counseling.  If mental health counseling is deemed necessary, proper references will be provided, and support will be offered to help guide you there. 

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